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Moon Rūt

  MOON RŪT makes clean products using organic, unrefined ingredients to preserve all the benefits each raw material has to offer.  Each ingredient is also carefully sourced only from the least polluted locations on Earth.

  MOON RŪT is a one woman team.  Briana makes small batch products in order to eliminate the use of harmful preservatives and ingredients that are difficult to pronounce!

  The goal of Moon Rūt is to offer products that are often difficult to find, but are healthier for our bodies.

Did you know that most products stocked on the shelves of supermarkets and convenient stores, and even in fancy cosmetic stores, are loaded with toxic, carcinogenic, endocrine disrupting, synthetic materials? Widely produced, stocked, and sold, does not equal safe for our bodies.


Our skin is our largest organ. We absorb everything we put on our skin, into our bodies.  Because of this, the fool proof way to test if a product is non-toxic and healthy for our skin, is if you can eat it.  Chemicals with long names we can’t pronounce, are certainly not edible.  Though it is not recommended, it would be safe to eat any one of Moon Rūt’s cosmetic products.

Why Moon Rūt?

Better than Organic

If an ingredient is certified organic, care is ensured that no pesticides or fertilizers are used during farming. However, it is not part of the certification guidelines to test if the land is already heavily polluted. Briana hand picks ingredients only from the least polluted places on earth, to make sure you’re getting better than just organic.

Clean & Multi-Purpose

Do you feel comfortable putting your body moisturizer, foot cream, or hand lotion, on your face? Well, you should! Whatever you feel comfortable with putting on your face, is all that should go on your body, nothing more. 

Moon Rūt never adds fillers just because your product is not going on your beautiful face! This also makes your product multi-functional, so more bang for your buck.

Small batch & Handmade

Most products picked off the shelves are loaded with toxins, fillers, and preservatives used to make products cheaper, and last years on the shelves of supermarkets. Moon Rūt’s products are small batch and stocked with only luscious natural ingredients to make your skin feel happy and nourished.

Plus, this ensures that you are always getting a handmade product filled with care, because your body deserves it, externally, and internally.

Unrefined & Nourishing

All ingredients are unrefined to preserve the most benefits each raw ingredient has to offer, making for a product that is even better than the toxic one that you may be used to reaching for.

An active ingredient doesn’t need to be made in a lab, when it’s found right in nature.

Meet the Founder

shaman herbalism organic
Connecticut sacred plant medicine woman

   Briana Man is the founder of Moon Rūt.  Growing up in Connecticut, Briana has always been inspired by nature, spending her free time wild foraging, gardening, hiking, and surfing.

   Briana attended NYU Tisch Film School, and now works as a freelance Director of Photography, Gaffer, and Camera Operator in the film industry, as well as a freelance Photographer.  Check out her work at

   After living in NYC for four years and experiencing the often unhealthy habits of the entertainment industry, Briana wished to return to a more natural, earth-based lifestyle to not only balance out the time she spends working in film, but to also encourage and provide for others that wish to find products that are not harming our natural bodies.

   Too often are we sold products that we have no idea, myself included, are harmful.  My goal with Moon Rūt is to provide high quality, minimal ingredient products for myself and family to keep them healthy, as well as provide a place for others to purchase products that work just as well, even better, than what we would first reach for off the shelf. 

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