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  A goal of Moon Rūt's is to educate friends, family, and the public on the danger of many products/ingredients.  Here you can find my gathered research and resources.

Feel free to reach out if you would like to further the conversation!


CLEAN MAKEUP - 100% Pure:

CLEAN HAIR CARE - Innersense:


Why Moon Rūt?

       Just because something is labeled “Organic,” it does NOT guarantee you are getting a product free of those nasty chemicals you so badly want to avoid to treat your body with respect. Because of this, Briana created Moon Rūt to offer a product line that you can trust. She endures countless hours of research to ensure each ingredient that goes into your products is of the utmost highest quality, as well as the safest to put onto your body.

     While Briana makes sure that all of her ingredients are organic (grown without synthetic chemicals, a.k.a. toxins), since this is still an important piece of the puzzle, she goes the extra mile to source the ingredients from the least polluted places on Earth. Why is that important?

     Because the label organic only tells us that the farmers are not ADDing chemicals to the soil to help their plants grow better. However, what it does not tell us, is if the soil they are growing on, is already infested with chemicals. Leave that tedious job to Moon Rūt, who will never offer you a product made with ingredients grown on dirty land.

     Furthermore, she always ensures oils are extracted in the way that preserves the most health benefits from the raw ingredient—sourcing raw ingredients when she can—as well as in the way which is the most sustainable and ethical.

Why are beeswax candles the only safe candle to burn ?

     Did you know the only clean-burning candles are made from organic beeswax and organic oils? All other waxes (including soy!) are toxic, carcinogenic, endocrine disrupting, and pollute the air.

     When you burn Moon Rūt’s pure beeswax candles, with no other wax fillers, not only can you be sure you are breathing in clean and healthy air, but burning beeswax also further purifies and cleans the air. It releases negative ions into the air, which neutralize positive ions, such as pollutants and dust.

     On top of conventional candles using unsafe wax, they are also filled with toxic fragrances. I never use fragrances in the production of my clean candles. My candles let off a beautiful natural scent of honey from the beeswax.

     The final piece of a candle that can make it toxic is the wick. I use only FSC certified, sustainable wooden wicks, which are never dipped or coated in any toxic chemicals, and do not have traces of lead in it, as do many cheap fabric wicks.

     Every detail that goes into making this candle has been carefully researched for hours so that you are getting the absolute best product—no cut corners or costs in the production stage.

     Plus, by buying beeswax candles, along with all other Moon Rūt products, you are supporting the environment, and saying YES to sustainability. Supporting beeswax products means supporting beekeepers, and thus supporting an increase in bee population — one of the key components to helping keep our beautiful environment healthy & producing.

Why is tallow so nourishing & eco-friendly ?

Quick Facts:

  • Fights free radicals, therefore fights wrinkles.

  • Tallow is believed to prevent dryness at the cellular level without suffocating the skin's barrier as do petroleum-based lotions.

  • Helps prevent breakdown of collagen which is linked to aging in the skin.

  • Nutrient dense. Full of vitamins A, K, E, & D.

  • Non-comedogenic.  Will not clog pores.

  • Absorbs quickly.

  • Tallow is a natural by-product, and helps create zero waste.

Uses & Benefits:

   Anti-aging, damage repairing, under-eye cream, crow's-feet cream, callused areas, elbows, feet, hands, dry & irritated skin, after sun, everyday use, winter use, makeup remover, oil-cleanser, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, diaper rash, eczema soothing, soothes rosacea prone skin, pore size reducing, etc.


What makes Moon Rut’s tallow balm better than others on the market?

   Because this is 100% pure tallow, mixed only with essential oils, this balm is not greasy like other tallow balms diluted with carrier oils! After rubbing a small amount into your skin, give it a few minutes and this balm will absorb beautifully without the greasy feeling. This is because tallow is similar to the oil makeup of our own skin.


Q: Why isn’t the label “organic” enough?

A: Organic means growing without the use of harmful pesticides, fertilizers, etc., which is extremely important! However, organic certification does not include checking if the soil a farm is growing on or harvesting from, is already polluted.

     For example, certain parts of the world are heavily polluted due to industrial production. Particles from the air fall down and pollute topsoil, and liquid chemicals that leach through the ground from toxic industrial/chemical plants, can contaminate soil that crops are sucking in their nutrients from.

     This is why I personally check COAs and inspections done on the ingredients I use, as well as only source ingredients from the least polluted places on earth, using an up to date pollution index map.

Q: I thought soy wax candles are safe to burn?

A: Actually, soy wax cannot be rendered without paraffin wax! Paraffin wax is made from the sludge at the bottom of petroleum canisters. Ew! Talk about toxic.

     Not to mention, soy has been genetically modified so many times throughout history, that it is near impossible to assure you are getting safe soy. And even if you do, soy wax is still a hydrogenated and processed material.

     On top of all this, if you want to be ecologically friendly, soy production is one of the leading causes of deforestation, and the destruction of Earth’s one of a kind rainforests — most of which include fragile plant species that only survive in those specific conditions, and can never regenerate after those rainforests are destroyed.

Q: Why is it eco-friendly to burn beeswax candles?

A: Bees are one of the most important pieces to keeping this Earth running smoothly! Unhealthy products are part of the reason why bees are dying off. Farmers use pesticides/insecticides & other toxic chemicals which kill them, & humans are taking away their environments by building on more and more forested land.

     Without bees, we wouldn’t have trees, or fruitful plants which feed us and give us precious ingredients that make healthy products possible. Supporting beekeepers encourages bee population.

     Plus, beeswax is a natural byproduct of bees, which means it does not require large and unnecessary use of extra material, energy, or mass farmland.

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