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Inspired by Ancestral Wisdom

sacred plant medicine wisdom


Every product at Moon Rūt is hand crafted by Briana using organic ingredients that she sources from the least polluted places on Earth.

ancestral full moon root
organic clean small batch products

is not enough...

"Organic" certification ensures pollutants are not added to the soil of the ingredients in your skincare, which is important!

However - what "organic" does not ensure - is whether or not that soil was already polluted.

Moon Rūt sources every ingredient organically AND from the places on Earth with the least polluted land.

THIS - is the promise of


Every batch marked by the moon

Each jar comes hand marked with the phase and zodiac the moon was in when Briana hand crafted your product.

zodiac moon phase chart


“My daughter's skin has been insanely dry lately. I've been trying lotions and oils and everything and it's just like alligator skin. Tonight I used your Salt Scrub on her and she is an entirely new kid. Skin soft as silk. You're amazing!"

Britt, CT

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